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Non-financial reporting workshop in the Czech Republic

28 / 02 / 2023

International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC) held a closed-door workshop on January 19, 2023 bringing together private and public sector professionals to discuss the complexities of the upcoming legislation on corporate non-financial reporting.

The session was started by a presentation of Jean-Christophe Nicaise Chateau, Policy and Legal Officer in DG FISMA with his presentation on the intended impact of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Afterward, Helena Červená, Project Manager from Deloitte CZ, introduced a short overview of the main issues hindering the introduction of CSRD in firms’ processes. Last but not least, Kateřina Špániková from Raiffeisenbank was speaking about the requirements of financial institutions for data provision from their clients.

Policymakers, industry representatives, and employees of financial companies received not only information about non-financial reporting, but also exchanged views with members of other stakeholder groups.

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The Industry Taskforce

The Taskforce will pool key decision makers and power brokers from the region to provide expert input, peer review for research and act as ambassadors of the project.

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