We Help Navigating
the Heavy Industries’ Journey
to Net Zero.

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy is a non-profit, non-partisan, and independent think-tank with offices in Prague and Brussels.

EUROPEUM partnered up with institutions in the Visegrad Four countries and leads the project consortium. Partners conduct original research, engage the local  stakeholders and implement the project.

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Karel Voldřich – project manager
+420 792 407 852, kvoldrich@europeum.org

Partnered institutions

The International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC) is an independent, apolitical and impact-driven non-profit organization whose aim is to carry out in-depth research on sustainable finance topics.

PEDAL Consulting is an innovative consultancy and top national SME performer under H2020, HE and COSME programmes of the EC, based in Martin, Slovakia.

The Equilibrium Institute is a future-oriented policy think tank based in Budapest. It is an autonomous institution, independent of all domestic and foreign parties and political and economic interest groups.

WiseEuropa is based in Poland offers a wide range of analytical, research, consulting and communication services.

The Industry Taskforce

The Taskforce will pool key decision makers and power brokers from the region to provide expert input, peer review for research and act as ambassadors of the project.

Project partners

  • Europeum
  • ISFC
  • Mesa10
  • Equilibrium Institute
  • WiseEuropa
  • Germany