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ESG Workshop in Budapest

13 / 12 / 2022

The Equilibrium Institute held a closed-door workshop on November 29. The event brought together private and public sector representatives to discuss heavy industry decarbonisation and the opportunities sustainable finance offers. The workshop focused on ESG governance and how ESG can benefit both companies and the environment.

Dóra Csernus, Lead Climate and Environmental Policy Expert at Equilibrium Institute, and Zsolt Becsey, Chief Economist, presented their research insights from the report Industry Decarbonization in Hungary. István Szabó, Head of Sustainability at KPMG Consulting Ltd, delivered his presentation on the concept of ESG.


Business leaders in the audience represented the materials industries and the construction sector. They stressed that a supportive regulatory environment is even more important than the availability of financial resources in net-zero transitioning. Regulation can make both the constructor and the client more interested in choosing sustainable solutions.

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The Industry Taskforce

The Taskforce will pool key decision makers and power brokers from the region to provide expert input, peer review for research and act as ambassadors of the project.

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