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CEE Summit Focus Group Report

20 / 06 / 2022


Where do the greatest challenges lie when we talk about industrial decarbonization in CEE?

Absence of data and absence of certainty about policies sit on the top of the worry list. Disclosures, validated targets, and transition plans are much needed to have bankable projects and lock in the key financing. There is ample amount of funding available, but the CEE region is yet to tap into sustainable finance.

Business sector actors lack clarity about future climate policy pathways. For instance, ETS prices only recently started to flash a stronger signal and add the necessary cost push to act for industries.

How can policies prod industries into action? How did the EU Approach this?

Policies should do more to create a supportive environment. Most importantly, a tighter carbon guidance would be necessary to encourage more forward-looking business models. Our panelist noted that in cement industry medium-term (5-8 years) there is some certainty about resource mobilization and acceleration of the transition but uncertainty looms beyond that horizon.

What should be the key policy focuses in CEE to attain targets in next decade?

  • Energy supply overhaul to have an abundance of renewables
  • More policy pragmatism: Green market development; certificates, infrastructures and platforms, green procurement and harmonization of disclosure rules.
  • Risk pooling through blended capital.
  • A blueprint for public-private collaboration.
  • Bridge the gap in planning between 2030-2050.





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The Industry Taskforce

The Taskforce will pool key decision makers and power brokers from the region to provide expert input, peer review for research and act as ambassadors of the project.

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