Set the Course For Emission Reductions in the Hard-to-Abate Industries

Our Research Identifies Barriers to Decarbonization
We will provide the latest information and a clear analysis of the situation which will serve as a starting point for debate, discussion, and planning for decarbonization strategies.

Optimize Climate Action to Maximize Impact
We strive to understand and compare viable decarbonization options and outline a policy roadmap to attain the 2030 carbon targets.

Capacity Building for Decarbonization, ESG and climate RISK Management
The project provides a unique opportunity to the stakeholders to leverage external support to develop in-house capabilities for governance, measurement for decarbonization.

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The project touches stakeholders
from all corners of the region

  • Study on Decarbonization Barriers
    lays groundwork for research and serves as a starting point for…
  • Stakeholder Engagement
    Two-way Dialogues Will Help to Map Nested Interests in Decarbonization.
  • Industrial Taskforce
    Sounding board for the Project.
  • Conferences, trainings, meetings
    Bringing together contributions from industry, public financial sectors and academia.

Primary objectives

  • Engage with 150 decision makers in the industrial and financial sectors, and policy makers through workshops, roundtable discussions and other activities.
  • Sixty percent of targeted stakeholders have improved knowledge that results in enhanced capacity.

The Industry Taskforce

The Taskforce will pool key decision makers and power brokers from the region to provide expert input, peer review for research and act as ambassadors of the project.

Project partners

  • Europeum
  • ISFC
  • Mesa10
  • Equilibrium Institute
  • WiseEuropa
  • Germany